Does any one have any suggestions for a lower price insurance for E&O? I have FREA and i compaired Towers. Towers is $1000.00 more. any suggestions on who else to try.

The problem with changing is that you will need tail coverage with FREA when you drop them to cover your last 12 months for the next 12 months. This will offset any savings you find. Or you will need the new company to include your prev. 12 months which is added cost too if they even offer it.
FREA dropped the deductible to 1,000 (used to be 2,000)
I think they are the best all around deal especially if you already have them.

Many inspectors forget that they do not cover any inspection if the house does not have a certificate of occupancy yet. They also do not cover one if you start the inspection without a signed agreement.

FREA is a Quality Insurer.

If their rate is the Best obtained…

Go with it…

Thanks for the info. I have used FREA for the last 5 years. Have not had to test there coverage and i hope i never do.

Hi, Hank!
With NACHI’s ADRS system ($90 a year) as my first line of defense, I went with the ins that Joe Ferry represents thru NACHI.
My $500k with $5k deductible is about $1800 a year.

Hi Russ
They get me for 3200 a year. I do some commercial so i carry a mil. in coverage. Tower quoted me 4100

Hay Russ
I think they just like you better