Anyone use a specific language when reporting Intake Materials for HVAC System. Recently I have seen Intake consisting of Drywall with Wood Studs. What is the best way to report this? :mrgreen:

I don’t report the kind of material, they are either return air plenums or supply air plenums and if they are supply plenums they better not be dry wall or wood or I call it out as improper material

That is better than what I see most of the time…

Close it up and move on.

I wish most of mine looked that good. I like the ones you can see the basement when you open them and pass someone a cold drink thorugh the hole.

Not allowed in the FBC (603.1), as the return plenum has to be “lined with a continuous air-barrier made with durable nonporous materials.”

In existing construction, you can decide how to handle it; there’s likely bigger fish to fry. Tell them to use duct-board and mastic.


I’d rather have sheetrock, thanks…

No one around here can air seal duct-board either.