Interesting Photo

Things getting a little hot…

Any comments?

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I believe this is the photo John was posting:
(It looks like someone got there in the proverbial nick of time.)



Can’t see the pic

Here is the corrected link… They must have moved it.

Awwww… wish I could see the whole panel. I like to figure out what happened, so it reinforces me to continue to do good work.

I’m guessing the combination of double taps, and possible overloaded neutrals ( see a red wire) was the major flaw. I would liked to have tested the screws to see how tight they were.

But the bottom line seems to be a lazy electrician, the unterminated strands of Al tip me off. :frowning:

Just a Guess…


Double tqaps and not tight . Great example thanks.

Roy Cooke

That is why we need to remove panel covers. You never know what you will find.

I’ve had the same photo here for about 3 or 4 years. As far as I could track it when I was asking permission to use it was an unknown inspector in Florida? had taken it in late 1990’s and posted it on the ASHI site back then.

It’s been floating around ever since.