Interesting Roof Installation

No underlayment (at least I couldn’t see any), no drip edge. OSB was deteriorated at edges. House was 10 years old. I figure the roof was installed on Friday, July 3rd.

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Probably Thursday, July 2nd. When the Fourth falls on a Saturday, Friday is a holiday, too.

that definately wouldn’t fly around here

The real question is SHOULD it fly anywhere? I would advise my clients about it, and detail the problems it could cause to the roof during its (shortened) lifespan.


This is common practice up in this neck of the woods. According to the manufacturers specs the shingles must be put down over an underlay of at least 15lb felt or it voids the warrenty.

I found a group of houses built by the same builder last summer. The house were 2 to 10 years old and all were just like that. Talked the local AHJ and it took a while, but finally he ordered some corrections. He though they were O.K. because the roofer said they were.

Where’s the best place to learn?–from the “experts”

Who’s the “expert”?–the roofer, of course.

But not this time…


 How would this type of installation become a common practice, when everyone knows it to be an nonstandard installation concept for roof shingles. 

Besides the fact it voids the warranty on most if not all roofing Manufacturers, wouldn’t it be prudent to have this inexpensive under layment backup under your shingles?

What has caused this in your area?

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Hi. Jae;

Do you think this might be a roofing epidemic? It appears to be going West from Ontario, so I might be alright. Right? :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :wink:


You’re in luck…

Hey Marcel
I knew you would jump in on this one. This is just cutting corners and laziness on the part of the roofers. Unfortunately, there is no code to quote here just common sense. If the fly by nite roofers can get away with it they do. I always call this out as a deficiency but the damage is always done and I always suggest proper ice and water shield, underlay and drip edge when re roofing.

I feel I have to add that, to get away with not putting on drip edge the roofers will overhang the shingles 1 1/2 " to get the water to run properly. Of course this doesn’t work worth a damn and it looks like hell too.


Sounds like the requirement of the Cedar Shingle Bureau.
Maybe these Contractors should go back to installing cedar shingles, but wait, underlayment is required on this one too.
Well, I guess they would mess this one up too.

Do you think this type of work performance would indicate that the local Athorities or Code Enforcement are not paying any attention, or what are your feelings as to why this type of shabby work is existing. I am not saying this type of work is not existing in Maine, cause they definitely exist, but probably not as bad due to all the small communities.

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