Shingle Overhang

Other than the fact that it ugly is there anything wrong with this install. Its an overlay, one layer of singles lies below. The roof very new and the rest of the install looked great. New open metal valleys, all of the vent stacks & penetrations were freshly painted. Only thing that comes to mind is if the singles fail while under warranty they might not honor the warranty based on the fact they were not installed per manufacturers guidelines. Thoughts…

roof 0.JPG

roof 1.JPG

They will crack and break off at the bend eventually. Then where will the water go? :frowning:

Was there drip edge below from the previous roof? Maybe they were covering some damage up.

next big wind and they are gone…

I could not find any damage below that they were trying to cover up. The next course of shingles appeared to be correctly positioned for a first course. It looked as if you could remove the overhanging course and still have the correct overlap. Either way I told them the roof was not correctly installed.
Thanks Guys!

I think the installer new he needed a starter course under the first course, but ran out of blades for his utility knife. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


That’s an absolutely hilarious installation…

This is more like it…

Real nice Dave;

You forgot the drip edge, you must be slipping.

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Thats my next image…

There…Is this better?

Wowwww! man your good.

You even have the gutter installation and fascia board on this one. :wink:

How the hell do you do that, anyways. ha. ha.
I have a hard time to send a picture off my digital.

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Never like 2 layer roofs. They did not cut off the tabs on the third course on the original roof. Your supposed to do that first and trim off the shingles flush with the edge of the roof. If you don’t cut off the third course tabs it will make a big hump at the edge of the roof which is not good especially with pitch on this one. You can also raise the shingles where they need to be instead of lowering the overhang if you remove the third course. Either way, it’s crappy with or without drip edge. Look how awkward the valley bottom looks. And if they ever put gutters on, the debris will get trapped in behind the aggressive overhang and be a pain to clean.

Poor installation and definetly requires installation of gutters.

I agree that it is a bad install but why do homeowners not take the time to do there homework and get the correct information they need to make sure they are making an informed decision. I understand that they think they are hiring a professional who knows what they are doing but shouldn’t they also base there decision on a couple of opinions from different sources. Absolutely they should , but they don’t. I see it all the time with homeowners making un informed decisions.

Louis Agudo


They are too busy on their on trend of activities and don’t have a clue to begin with, and then wonder why it is expensive or they got a shabby job after it is done.

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Because the homeowners dont understand the difference between a qualified professional and someone that is just professional. A professional, as I have always understood it, is someone who gets paid a fee to do a certain task. I know others will disagree with me but, anyone doing a job for money can call themselves professional.

LOL. What were they thinking? This was supposed to be a “butt & run” shingle over job. Properly done it will lay flat, without the tell tale hump mentioned. The only tell tale sign should be one slightly less exposed course. After you make the adjustment needed at the beginning, the top of all upper course shingles “butt” up against the thickness of the tabs of the original roof on up to the peak. Dave, those are swell diagrams, but can you dig up a diagram of the 'butt & run" technique to share with all.


Sorry to disagree with you, but being paid to do a task dose not make one a Professional. It might make a Proffesional (want to be) , but usually do not make it on that ship, they did not learn, all they new was that if they went in business on their own, they good charge premium prices for the task and never really worked for someone long enough to learn the difference. As a Commercial Builder, I see this all the time, and I am usually the one that sees the writing on the out-house walls. If I don’t, I believe I am not doing my job. ha. ha.

As in all trades of bussiness, most people try to make it on their own prematurely, and will either make it or break it.

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You are not…:stuck_out_tongue:

You like sharing your professional opinion. :smiley:

Larry K. ;
Do you have a problem with Professional Opinions?
Maybe I am interpetting your response wrong.

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Not in the least.

Yes, you are…remember the :stuck_out_tongue: and :smiley: .

I’ve enjoyed your opinions here. I was just commenting that I don’t think you are “sorry” to disagree. :wink: