Interesting thread in Texas


Unless you are a desperate newby in need of instant “credentials” to conceal your inexperience from consumers during the 12 to 24 month period between the time you start inspecting and the time you move on to your next job…licensing solves nothing.

Come to Texas and try getting some INSTANT CREDENTIALS.
I doubt you could call 448 hours (including field training) and
proctored testing INSTANT. I also doubt you could do it…:mrgreen:

Heard all you had to do was to tip the Governor’s washroom attendant and pesto-chango you are a Texas Licensed Home Inspector… You didn’t get the memo? :stuck_out_tongue:

Over and over, same thing.
Licensing hasn’t changed our business, same insurance, (less) annual training, contract for services is same. The requirements seem to be what any business would have. A couple hundred dollars for a license is nothing and the consumer has someone to turn to when they have a problem with a hack. Good inspection companies will not notice any change. We have watched about 200 home inspectors and mold assessors start and disappear in our area over last ten years.
I like the idea of giving the new guys in our company goals, becoming a CIE and qualifying for a license.
So many act like licensing is the end of the world, it’s no more hassle than getting a license for my boat and will have about same affect on our business.
[size=4]Get a grip, fear is not good for ya.:)[/size]
Life is better in Florida

Because licensing is being repealed?

I sure hope so. Lets make sure it never comes back.

When you are under a State license you do not decide what is best for you or your company the State does.

Makes no difference really; if the law is repealed we will probably make more money. We can just send the assistants out to do mold inspections for real estate ( HI mold insp.). Then the professionals will have more time to do the real mold inspections. :mrgreen:

Doug, I sent you a prospect that called because he found my website, last week. For some reason he thought I was in Florida.

The girls in the office get at least 50 to 70 calls a day for one thing or another, hard to track why we got the call. Probably should but we just don’t have time. Just took a government building for next week, yuk now two guys are out of the mix for three days. Large environmental company hired one of our inspectors to go to Oregon, bad time of year here to lose a good guy but he has family there and he’s a progressive.
Will be glad when the “season” is over (real estate), just compounds our scheduling problems.

We refer work to home inspectors, clean up companies and radon mitigation businesses regularly every day.

thanks again