Marketing your license!

I have seen numerous emails being sent to Realtors talking all about licensing and how they are now “state licensed” and what a big deal it is.

I am asking for input. But I see this as shooting yourself in the foot. If you make the license your “qualification,” come March your going to be 1 in 3000 and your whole marketing ploy was the LICENSE. Hell right now just about anyone can get one.

I mention that I am state licensed, but that is NOT MY marketing direction, because come March, what will set you apart.

Thoughts? Comments?

The average consumer (be he/she in licensed states or unlicensed states) assumes the inspector is operating legally and so finds it perplexing when an inspector touts his license too much. It makes the inspector look like he is defending himself or something.

Consumers don’t really understand the inspection industry too much. Inspectors are given 3 to 5 seconds to convey competence. There is only one way to to this that works every time: CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR. Don’t believe me? Do some market research using your Mom or your neighbors. Ask them what they think of CERTIFIED MASTER INSPECTOR and what they think of your state license number. LOL! I happen to know the results you will discover.

I agree and was just warning others. Not to weigh heavily on the “license” as your USP or qualifying factors. I have seen about 50 emails from other inspectors (my Realtors forward them to me) and the second they get their license, man do they market the hell out of it.

In my opinion, a license is not a marketing tool, especially once it becomes required. Just wanting others thoughts and opinions. Maybe I am looking at it one way only.

There is no way to avoid the next two years of hell the home inspection profession in Florida will have to endure… With the flood of unskilled Shake-&-Bake newbies along with displaced contractors seeking a refuge, everyone will be affected.

Furthermore, I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all solution, nor do I think that the open side of the message board is the place to discuss the possible strategies… That being said, I do think that diversification and marketing will be key components, although I’m keeping my plan close to the vest.

Fair enough…ty for the input.

I already have done the advertising and as soon as the DPBR processes my paperwork, it will go up on my website and blog.
The short version, just because your inspector has a license doesn’t mean that he has been in business very long or performed more than 120, if any, inspections.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

You have to stress your experience as an advantage over the newbies.

Whats happening in my area is that they (newbies)are trying to say that the license is their qualifier. Not education or professionalism, but that piece of paper is all you need. Kinda funny.

Like I’ve always said, once licensing is adopted in a state (and you waive the same state-issued credential as the bozo who became a home inspector last week) it becomes an all-out marketing race. On your mark, get set, go. Best marketer wins. This is why CMI is so important.

I think some new guy should use

"I may be a newby, but I’m cheap"

While at it add: