InterNACHI Awards Committee

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is my pleasure today to announce the second Nomination for this Years,

InterNachi Member of the Year/Gromicko Award

Mr. Dominic Maricic

It is the consensus of this Committee to accept this Nomination.

Here are a few words from his Nominator;

I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Dominic Maricic as Internachi member of the year for 2008.

Though Dominic is a vendor. He has consistently shown interest in helping our members with all of their problems.

He is a true computer genius and has helped many of us with their computer problems.

Though he has his own report software and web hosting service. He is more than willing to help those using other services.

He even has his own post titled ask Dominic, which I myself and many others have used.

Dominic seems to constantly be available at all hours.

Dominic has even been featured on Nachi TV more than once as a featured guest.

**Remember Internachi is a web based association and the help Dominic has given his invaluable to all of us as he does this tirelessly and free of charge. **

**Results for NACHI07092004 Name: Dominic J. Maricic **
**Contact: E-Mail Dominic J. Maricic **
**InterNACHI ID: NACHI07092004 **
**City: Rancho Cucamonga **
**State/Province: CA **
**Country USA **
**Certification Status: Valid through September 19th, 2008 **

I would like to add, that I have had the pleasure of witnessing help to many Members of this Association from Dominic Maricic personally and many Members have contributed from his Assistance.

Dominic Maricic has proved to aid all Members of this Association also by providing his help on NACHI TV.

His episodes with Nick Gromicko can be seen here:

I don’t believe I have to say more.

InterNACHI Member of the YEAR/Gromicko Award

Article 1 – Introduction

The iNACHI Member of the Year program was created to publicly recognize aIl nterNACHI members for superior performance during the calendar year, January 1st thru December 31st.

Article 2 – Description of the Program

The award will be presented to any InterNACHI member selected based on exceptional contributions to the iNACHI Association, fellow members, and their individual local community in the following areas:

I. Performs “beyond the call of duty” to improve the service, quality, or image of iNACHI.
II. Exemplifies professionalism and dedication to excellent service by putting forth the extra effort.
III. Makes outstanding contributions of significance to the iNACHI organization to fulfill its mission.
IV. Provides extra time and effort to educate, construct innovative tools related to operating a Home Inspection business, and provide the tools to help their Associates in the InterNACHI Associations with complete disregard to time, and labor with no compensation.

The iNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of this award.

Article 3 – Eligibility

All members of the iNACHI Association are eligible. (Employees, officers, directors, staff, and members who have been compensated are not eligible).

Article 4 – Submission Guidelines

Entries are for the period of January 1st thru December 31st of any given year.

Deadline for submission of nominations is set for December 10th of each year.

Candidates are nominated by any group, committee, or member of the iNACHI organization by forwarding a letter or email to the iNACHI Awards Committee with all supporting documentation and recommendations. All submissions received will be considered. Those lacking substantiate supporting documentation may be returned to the submitter for further documentation, verification, or clarification.

Mr. Dominic Maricic

My congratulations to you for this Nomination and good luck.

Marcel :smile: :grin: