InterNACHI building mirror sites in 9 different languages.

The government of South Korea has offered to provide the translation services needed to create the Korean InterNACHI site. :smiley:


Does that include Greek?

Do not know where this will go but I think it is great

Go for it


Sweet. I’ve actually been translating our website to several other languages as well (almost done with a few). Will there be some way to include direct links within pages like software so that I can link to a french version on the french InterNACHI site, and the spanish version on the spanish InterNACHI site? Or will all the content and links be identical?

공개토론에 지점을 만들l 때 단단하면 동양 언어를 읽는것은 나는 경이한다. 너가 누구에 의하여 타오르면, 그때 너는 결코…ha,ha,ha 을 주의하지 않을 것이다!

It looses something in the translation