InterNACHI chosen to work with a group that was awarded a federal grant to build a new inspection crawler

The House of Horrors in Colorado will be the proving grounds for a new crawler developed from a research grant from the federal government. The crawler will have new detectors including one that sniffs for natural gas leaks and another that listens for termites using The Bug.

We’ll post information and PICs once we begin the development process.

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It takes government funding to build an inspection crawler? Guess I’ll strap my TIF8800 onto BarNone. :wink:

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Can’t wait for a $10k residential crawler… :roll_eyes:


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SSL purchased. Should be good tomorrow or until then, try a different browser a couple times.

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Lol. Government probably added 10 salaries to file paperwork on this as well.

Start by looking at what’s already out there and then figure out how to bring the cost and size down so it’s affordable and usable for home inspectors. Key feature is it needs to be flexible enough to negotiate obstacles and have enough ground clearance to not get stuck on rocks, bricks and other debris.


Neither of those designs are being used.

Yes they are being used just not for home inspection and you likely couldn’t afford one either.