Crawlspace crawlers

Who all uses a crawler for those impossible crawlspace inspections. And what are the options out there? Im seriously considering one but the only one i can find is 3k.

I use the one I created.


Vincent, check out Scot’s YouTube channel…that thing is an animal!


Do you sell them or could you give me pointers to build my own?

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Your next YouTube series Scot???

There are 2 different areas not yet done with a drone of some kind. Hope to have some things posted in the month or so covering both of those areas.


I am not selling at the moment. I had to teach myself CAD and 3D printing to get the results I was after. They only look easy to build. If it goes in, you kinda want it back each time.

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I just watched the 360 2 month old video. Thats what im looking for. If your not selling who is or where do i look?

Only other ones out there are metal boxes with tracks on them that people just start bolting parts onto. I do not believe in the lunchbox platform at all. Lack of ground clearance and articulation are huge drawbacks along with long term dependability for use in a crawl. Since they also copy my ideas, they have little imagination for advancement. Every part of mine is designed and made to work with the others to build complete package. No one else can do what I have.


I have an AXIAL SC-10 that I am pulling the body off of. Will attach a few LED lights plus an Insta360 OneX camera.

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Next to impossible to navigate with a wifi 360 camera alone. Look forward to seeing what you come up with. Axial is what I use also.

Scott, that green beast looks like a fantastic amount of work on your part. Very impressive! Keep us posted…


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I use the SuperDroid GPK Wireless Tracked Inspection Robot. Has been a great tool.
It is a little expensive, but a great investment.

What do you have into it?

Ive tried building one myself but i loose video when i test it under my own home.

Close to 3k, got the pelican case with it.
It has wyfi, takes stills and video. very good pic’s.

What kind of camera did you put on it

What do you mean by next to impossible to navigate?

I have a pretty well built SC10 that a friend built for me when I was competing in full-scale crawling in the 2000’s. It’s got front-dig, so that may be nice in certain situations…at least I assume so as I used it endlessly in real life crawling, even on flat ground.

I planned on taking the body off and mounting an insta360 one x on the back axle with the lens about 1 1/5" above the highest part of the crawler making it around 8" overall. I can use live view to drive and I will easily know which way I am looking as I will see the entire crawler in front of me. I will have to pause now and then to rotate the view as the Insta360 keeps the view based on compass and elevation direction, not camera direction. That shouldn’t be a big deal, but maybe I am kidding myself.

I was going to put LED’s under the crawler firing diagonally down to light the ground and bounce a bit of light to the walls, then a couple LED’s on antennas that rise just above the camera pointing up…I will shield the bottom of those LED’s so I don’t get glare.

It sounds so simplistic that maybe I am fooling myself, but if you’ve got suggestions otherwise, I’d love to hear them.

And as a bit of fun, here’s my real buggy that the RC Crawler was bodied to match.