InterNACHI discount on RESNET course.

Not trying to undermine you Nick, just making sure that company didn’t stroke you.

Here is the list from Resnet of certified training facilities:

I did not see them on there, but maybe the list has not been updated because they have been so busy as of late.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](
Fluke Thermal Imagers
Testo Infrared Cameras
HotShot Hi-Rez Infrared Cameras
Fluke TiR1 Resources](
FLIR B60 Resources
Retrotec Duct & Blower Door

The course Nick has on the link is NOT for the Certified Energy Rater designation…which requires a provider from the RESNET list. The training is for a lower level designation called: Home Energy Survey Professional . This designation does not require any pre-testing course. Here is the link.