National Rater Test/Resnet

I would like to ask if anyone has taken the National Rater test or is a Resnet energy rater.

I could use some help on preparing for the test.

The training required is all the help you need.

David, there is a company in Indy the gives the class and the test. Im taking it in March.
I feel more comfortable if I can sit and listen to someone and ask questions if possible. Online learning isnt for everybody.

I am also looking into the rater exam a company here in Ok city gives the class and test $1335.00 for the class and that includes the price of the rater test.

Charlie[FONT=Tahoma][size=2],[/size][/FONT] send me information on that when you get the chance[FONT=Tahoma][size=2]. I may take a cruise over that way myself.

Here you go Dave…check this out.

Thanks Scott

I may give that a try.

Let me know if you need any other study materials. I have a folder with all kinds of energy and weatherization audit files. You might want to look into downloading the NEAT software too.

I am going thru RESNET but there materials are kind of scattered.

I must say the Residential Energy book and field guide are excellent reference materials and very informative.

Try this its where I found my local school they have them in different locations

Hey guys I am interested in getting as much information about this as possible no matter how small or big. If you can let me know what you have and where to get it I would really appreciate it. I am also looking for software and forms for energy audits as well. Thanks.

Here are two books that are really great and a must read for residential energy work.


Great Website!!! I am going to be ordering a couple of their publications.

Thanks for the links Kevin.

I have had my head(and feels like my ***) buried in the RE book for about 2 weeks. The class I am taking is Home study until you complete the material and then 4 days in class and then the test.

I must say this is some very difficult material to retain and understand.

The RE (Residential energy) book is excellent and a lot of related material to home inspections.

There must be at least 10 areas in my own home that I have large holes of heat loss.

The CD’ s I received are also excellent. Energy star, how to build before they screw it up!!

I also subscribed to a Energy magazine.

I must say the 100 pages each on the blower door and duct blaster is a lot of info to retain.

The energy test will be harder than any I have taken.

I did purchase the info from Ebay hoping it can help me understand the info and pass the test.

I purchase a couple of the books from the link Kevin posted and had some of them delivered in PDF format. All I have to say is they are extremely comprehensive and provide a great deal of information. It is going to take a while to read them over and try to start retaining most of it so I can put it to use. There are also great explainations on doing all sorts of calculations and measurements in the books too.

Definately well worth the money in my opinion.

Just make sure the materials your about to buy are not also included in the training program also.

I am interested in the rater training but do not want to invest if there is not market. Who can tell me the potential in this area. I am located in central Arkansas, and we are very slow to practice new trends.

Good question. Why do you need RESNET?
Are clients asking for a RESNET certificate?
Or is RESNET simply a good source of training in energy audits?


If you want to do energy audits in Austin one of the qualifications is to be a RESNET Energy Rater. If you want to do Energy Star ratings on new construction you need to be a RESNET Certified energy rater. RESNET and BPI have done a good job in “establishing themselves” as the “official” groups of energy rater certifiers. An energy audit (in most areas) can be sold by anyone that says they can do one. A home inspection (in some areas) can be sold by anyone that says they can do one. So what is wrong with a non profit group (RESNET) that certifies (does not train) energy raters.

Actually Resnet and BPI both train and certify. I know of one facility that trains both Resnet and BPI at the same time, as well as training on the tools involved in an energy audit. Blower doors, duct blasters, infrared, etc.

As far as the work goes its out there in a big way. Call your local power company, local and state government etc. A little research goes a long way in that industry. We had a customer that bought a complete energy audit package from us. I did some leg work for him and got him the contact for Northeast Utilities in his state. And he now runs 14 energy auditing crews. So the work is there, ya just have to do some leg work and digging.

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