InterNACHI Exclusive E&O Insurance Program Effective Immediately

InterNACHI Exclusive E&O Insurance Program Effective Immediately

By working with Nick Gromicko the last two weeks and our carrier, CH Insurance is proud to present one of the most comprehensive and competitively priced policies on the market. CH Insurance has put in place an Errors & Omissions Insurance Program that has discounts that are EXCLUSIVE to InterNACHI members. This program has E&O policies for all members, the most discounted are geared towards Certified Master Inspectors. This discounted program was designed to give credit to those who subscribe to InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. See how one of InterNACHI’s CMIs benefited below. Have your membership in InterNACHI work for you and find out what savings you are eligible for. Contact Schuyler Hellings @ 315-552-5343 or email at

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say “thanks” for helping me find the “right choice” for my E&O/GL insurance needs. Mr. Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance Brokerage Services walked me through all my options to meet Mississippi, Tennessee, and my HUD contractors insurance requirements.

His offer provides me with more coverage than I currently have, a 5% “upfront” discount for being a CMI at a total savings of $1350.00. Plus I will not be charged for the Certificates of Insurance that I have to send to Mississippi, Tennessee, and my HUD contractors next month. This will save me another $100.00 to $200.00. My current provider has now started charging me $25.00 for each certificate I need.

I highly recommend any INACHI member CMI or not to contact Mr. Schuyler Hellings of CH Insurance Brokerage Services to discuss their E&O/GL insurance needs.

Once again INACHI has helped me remain at the top of my service areas by providing me with the best savings, service providers, continuing education, success tips, and so much more.

Thanks again,

Frank Magdefrau
Certified Master Inspector
(901) 486-0421](tel:%28901%29%20486-0421)
Serving the Greater Memphis area since 2002

Is this insurance avaliable in Canada?


If it’s like most U.S. carriers, I would doubt it.


I hear (and read) the discount.
The Premium tells the tale…

The offered discount should be reflective of the same
in USA dollars (most likely cheaper in this market…)

I heard of this program and jumped on it ASAP. I am already a policy holder. Schuyler is worth whatever he charges. Even if you find slightly cheaper the impecable service is worth it to me.

Doug we are in the process of cutting a deal with Kim Smith at HUB International. We will try also to have reduced rates for CMI’s in OntarioAchi and regular reduced rates for new members. If you are not with HUB sign up with them soon!

The deal has been cut with **Kim Smith **at Hub International and we also have got verbal of acceptance from the Government as a NFP association. We will fill every **OntarioAchi **member in on the details right after we get the acceptance letters. ** **site is up and running good. Thanks for all the hard work members in getting us established as a Chapter in Ontario.
We also will send out the letter of acceptance and paste it on the MB.


I would love to speak with you regarding Ontario. The InspectorPro insurance program will be available in Ontario May 2012. We are excited to expand to Canada and offer our Superior Product and Rates. As you may already know, we are the sole endorsed insurance carrier for InterNACHI and US members have been thrilled with our offering. Give me a call or shoot me an email when you get a chance.