Certified Master Inspectors in Canada now get a 10% discount on E&O insurance.

For more information about the Certified Master Inspector 10% discount in Canada, contact:

Kim Smith
Hub International
(905) 582-7067

I talked to Kim Smith at the C&D conference ( great Lady) of Hub International
(905-582-7067 ).
She quoted me for an existing Homie $2,500.00 for insurance $2,500;00 deductible .
If you are A CMI you get a 10% deduction $250;00 .
WOW! this again shows how have an advantage in this industry.
I talked to many HIs at the show and expect to see a lot more Canadian HIs become a CMI.
I talked to many at the NACHI booth

Yes sir Roy and I did not mean to show disrespect when I mentioned just TJ and Nick in the other thread.

Roy procured this deal for CMIs. I actually didn’t believe it at first.

Great job Roy!

I ll let you know if she is serious .I have a call it to her right now.

Wow 3 years or 1000 inspections to go to get a discount LoL.

That is just one of the many rewards for Certified Master Inspectors get .


That is good Roy but if you are a Charley B you get a 100% discount:shock::wink:

Gee that is exactly what my cost is zero .
No longer inspecting retired 3 years and enjoy every minute .
Less slack time now then I had when working .
Talked to another newbie for 45 minutes last night giving him help and ideas .

I understand your cost is $0 but I am still working and mine is $0;-)

Yes but I expect you might never know the rewards of being a CMI .
Many of those that are a CMI are extremely pleased with the out come .
Having been on both sides of the fence I think the CMI is great .

We were not discussing CMI we were discussing the cost of E & O and if you feel that CMI is so great why do they need E & O they should never make a mistake:p:p;-) and their report writing should be absolutely flawless, they should not be embarrassed to publish it on their web site can you please speak to KW about this;-)

Come on Roy we are just gaming here???:mrgreen:

Yep and enjoying every minute of it .
I stopped carrying E&O in about 2003 .
Looks like it could become compulsory in Ontario if Licensing goes through.
can you please speak to KW about this ** No way **
We are on completely different wave lengths

In 18 years I have never carried nothing but liability insurance, E& O not required in Okla and it appears I may retire without ever paying a dime to E & O or ever having the need for it.

That is a correct statement and CB I only saw one report from you. I don’t judge anyone for who they can empress but I do judge them for is what is not in a report.
I never needed E&O or Liability either and the added protection is just to allow me peace of mind in a litigious society of people.

I did not think this was new. She told me about this at least a year and a half ago.

It is not new and Nick keeps adding it for the benefit of the New ones flocking to the InterNach for guidance.

Interesting why did you not post this for all to see .
At the show was the first I and many others found out about this ???

Glad for well deserved … Roy