InterNACHI inspectors booth at Windsor Home Show in Ontario on April 7-9, 2017.

Inspector booth manned by member Robert Redmond of

Thanks Robert.

I recommend inspectors go to a home show .
The knowledge picked up is great many new ideas and you frequently get to talk and get more information.
I saw many other Inspectors doing the same as we did .
Thanks Robert. Good for you

Good Luck Robert

If you need a hand with anything Robert let us know at Ontarioachi and we will be glad to help if we are able.

Great of you to offer Scott.

That would be nice to see OntarioACHI helping out at a NACHI function .

I have been told this will be a huge waste of money by inspectors and some realtors. I guess we will find out. I have all my marketing materials ready so we shall see.

We did a few and they always worked great for us . I saw others complain because not enough people came through .
I fond when it was slow worked great for us People want to talk and get info they also tend to remember you and your info
.Hard to spend time with a person when it is real busy .
Please give us a post on how it went .
All the best … Roy

Take a couple of cases of water stick your mail sticker on the bottle eyes reading you name helps people to remember you .
If slow go talk to the real-estate agents give out cards and pens agents always want pens I used to buy them by the thousand .

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