InterNACHI inspector booth at Home Show in Erin, Ontario on April 30, 2011.

Inspector booth personed by member Julie Darling.

Thanks Julie!

Nick,I will be willing to help staff the booth at the Erin, Ontario Home show,April, 30 2011
Let me know the details,

Smooth move Harry Glad for you and NACHI…Roy Wish I lived Closer


Did you clear this with OAHI? :mrgreen:

Anyway I think its great you standing up and being counted!

I will make it a point to visit, and looking forward to meeting any and all there. Not sure where Erin is, have Google will travel. See you there.

I would love to attend in Erin Ontario, but the distance is a Canadian reality.


May be next time!

Best regards, Salut,

Beauchemin, Marc-Andre,, based out of Brossard, Quebec, Canada

I will try to make it from the Lake Julie, let me know if I can help in anyway.

BTW Nick, any chance you could see your way to ship a pile of “Now that you’ve had a HOME inspection…” Books](

to the event maybe get a bulk rate on shipping. I don’t mind paying for them ahead and then pick them up at the show. I like the idea of the book and I for one would use it but paying almost twice again the price for shipping to Canada makes it prohibitive. How about the rest of the inspectors out there, any interest? Might also get a few more out to the show.

Good idea Grant, I will watch to see Nick’s response. I just ordered a case at $1.53 per but as you said with shipping and tax that almost doubled.

Hello Everyone this is my first post.

Bruce, if its not to late I would like to get some the booklets as well.
I live in Erin and will be attending the show so that would be a great place to
pick them up.

Marco Ramos
Lighthouse Inspections
Halton Hills/Headwaters

Welcome please do not wait 6 years for your next post…Roy

Hi Roy,

there is an error with that date I have only been a member since Nov last year…lol

Thanks for the info and congratulations you just doubled your posts .
Keep up the good work great people here and we love to try and help all.