Something we're working on. Will earn members about $4,000.00 a year.

Looks real good Nick

Show me the money…

That is a kickin site visually.
Who did it?

and coming soon.


I can’t log in with my InterNACHI password.

Got TopNACHI? - Time To Start Saving
As soon as you get your card:

  1. Go online to
  2. Click “Register Your Card”, then enter and submit your information.
  3. That’s it! You can begin using your TopNACHI Card immediately.

Got it…nevermind

Go to the Reseller link and click on the GIANT grey box to sign up.

Doesn’t seem to know me. Tried both my user name and my forum login.

Me too, doesn’t seem to want to let me in…and yet I can login to NACHI members forum no problem with same credentials…:frowning:


GO HERE and login with your NACHI credentials **AFTER **you have signed up with the right hand button.

thanks for the link Mike, I hadn’t seen that double button page before…
I still think its not quite right…I used the REGISTER button, as mentioned,
tried filling in all the fields,
and the username field will then concatenate my username (i.e. shorten it) to something shorter than what I know it really is, and then give an error message that says

“that username is already in use”

I’ll try it later, after a reboot…:roll:

That’s odd. It worked fine for me yesterday. I’d like to hear some more program details. You have to buy the cards at a disount price and then resell or give them away. Then what?

That wouldn’t let me in either. Seems like someone needs to do a little de-bugging, de-scribing what this is, and de-tailing a few instructions.

Did you fill out the member signup form?

After you do THEN you can log in with you NACHI credetials.
When you complete the signup form it will log you in the first time automatically.

Yea, that’s the form that didn’t work. I filled out the form, hit the button on the bottom of the page, and nothing… Hit the button again, …still nothing.

There must be a problem then.

Maybe clearing your browser cache would help.

It apparantly took one of thoses times I hit submt, it did truncate the login id to fewer letters. So it’s pretty confusing…

Now, after getting logged in, I can see that I can purchase 10 of these cards for $299.50, but I’m not sure how that’s going to earn me $4000 a year. I’m having trouble seeing that anywhere. It seems more like it’s going to cost me about $300.00.

What am I missing?:roll:

Log in and select training and read the pdf and brochure.