InterNACHI members now get to join HITA for free.

InterNACHI members can join HITA (Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association) for free. If you are interested in joining for free, email Nick at for instructions.

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Nick, HITA is having its quarterly meeting in Knoxville on Saturday. I will be reminding all of the members there that they need to take advantage of the free one year InterNACHI membership.

I want to thank both of you for the offer you made. I am leaving at
4 am to get to Knoxville in time for the meeting. Looking forward to it!!

I look forward to meeting you Ron.

I took advantage of the HITA offer. Looking forward to meeting everyone at the next meeting.

Is this still acceptable? I attempted to join the discord they have linked on their website, but it says that link has expired. I’ll be sending the email to the address you listed, shortly.

Thank you.

i realize this post is ancient but is it still valid?