InterNACHI membership in California tops 1,200 inspectors.

Trying to get established before the CA - NV wall goes up!

And out of 12,000, I’m the only one of whom takes the time to post in this thread. :slight_smile:


Believe me, I was going to post to change the last name seen in the CA category.

When you need the best home inspector in the Modesto area, you call Scot Baker at Baker Inspection Group.

When you need the best inspector the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, Conejo Valley, and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, you IH Home Inspections.

Mutual respect.

So, is it 1200, or three?

We are three!

Scott Baker of Baker Inspection Group in Modesto, Frank Rotte of Certified Inspection Services in San Diego, and Ian Mayer of IM Home Inspections in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles area.

I remember that day!

California love.


WELL…Not the ONLY One Scott.

So let’s see if CA manages to extract themselves from the United States Nick will gain 1,200 international members overnight. Maybe 1,199 cause I will be moving to my place in MO. rather quickly.

You’re welcome for the green CMI option. Out in front.

Your ALWAYS “THE MAN” Scott. Have a great day.

Just joking with you, close to same area, look forward to meeting up sometime possibly.

Absolutely, we should meet up at I5 & 152 or something.