California InterNACHI membership tops 700 and climbing.

Can you break that number down? How many in Southern CA. and how many in Northern CA.

I would like to see that also. Have tried many times to revamp the NorCal chapter and got very little response.

Nor Cal, So Cal and Central Cal would be nice to know.

750 and climbing.

The search engine is a fairly easy way to take count of members in relation to a city or zip code.

Yea well the #s might be there but the participation for Northern California is not there when it relates to active chapters or meetings. Spent many hours trying to revive this with no luck.

Hey Paul, what part of CA are you looking for. I am in the Bay Area. Would like to be part of a Bay Area group.

Sacramento area. We used to have a decent group that got together several years ago but all went to crap…Not sure why.

790 and climbing.

Wow 40 more newbies since 1-29 and no chapter…Go figure!!! No one wants to compete or share info in NorCal.