Big news for TPREIA and InterNACHI members in Texas.

  • InterNACHI Members will received a FREE Membership into TPREIA.
  • TPREIA Members will received a FREE Membership into InterNACHI.
  • Members will enjoy benefits and educational events from BOTH Associations.
  • State Chapters events can merge their efforts and be beneficial to all Texas Inspectors.
  • Texas Inspectors will benefit with a joint effort at the TREC, TAR and at the State on legislative matters.

So is this a recurring membership? Ie; If I pay my dues to nachi EVERY year does it mean I’m automatically a member of TPREIA EVERY year OR after the first year will I have to pay dues to both orgs in order to remain a member of both? This time I’d like to be very clear before I get excited like happened with the TAREI thing…

Are you a member of TPREIA?

anticipate premature disappointment

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Rebel! ;-):wink:

No I’m not but might consider given the circumstances. So about that answer for my question?

Really why shuck and jive? I asked a straight question…

Then you can join TPREIA at no charge.

George, I believe he is referring to the second paragraph of my post #97 of this thread:

… and again in my first paragraph of post #99 of this thread:

…regarding a similar-appearing deal we did with TAREI last year.

Pretty much the expected answer. Thanks for clearing that up.

No problem. It’s always pretty tough to do something forever and ever. But since you aren’t a member of TPREIA now, you at least get a year for free (maybe more) and get to check them out. TPREIA is a very good TX group, I think you’ll like them.

In any case, all the dues are spent on the members, so don’t get too hung up over the eventual dues… maybe you should even offer to pay triple? That’s my thinking. No association can help it’s members much if the members they have are the types who only remain in it because it’s free.

They got a hall of fame too! Although I’m not sure where it is. :smiley:

I’m told it is in a corner of Paul’s detached garage but I can’t confirm that. :smiley:

I almost laughed… but then I realized… InterNACHI operates from a garage too. A huge commercial garage, but a garage nonetheless.

Test message.

George and all

Sorry I should have been watching this post earlier.

No shuck and no jive. The free membership for cross over members in both associations. The associations affiliated and set up just as other InterNACHI has affiliated with many other local associations.

TPREIA is the InterNACHI arm in Texas. Both associations are afffiliated and present one front in Texas. Both associations have expenses and dues in order to operate. After the one complimentary year, each will bill all of their members separately…the member will then have the option to renew in both or just one. The invoicing will be separately billed to the members.

If you have further questions please call me.