InterNACHI Narrative Library English/Spanish template for HIP now available

Almost a year in translation, the InterNACHI Narrative Library template for Home Inspector Pro contains over 8,000 English narratives, each translated into Spanish.

I need to learn Spanish.

Hey Kenton,

So I bought the inspection narratives for HIP about 4 months ago, and have been slowly going through them to tailor them to my company. I dont see a whole lot of boilers where I am, so your little “easter-egg” that I found in [Boiler>Boiler Operation] was hilarious. Thanks for brightening up a dull sunday. hahahahahahahaha

I was wondering if anyone ever found that, Thomas. That actually happened to me once, and I was bored with writing narratives so I layed that little sleeper in there. Thanks for letting me know. :D:D