New product for Home Inspector Pro users...

Martin Karl
Staunton, IL

Christmas party still going on? LOL
I will be purchasing HIP this weekend, I’m looking forward to becoming a HIP user!

Very nice!

You’ll be glad you did.

I am a HIP user now!! I now have a lot to learn about the new software. It always seems complicated at first, but when you look back, it is not so bad.
Thanks for the help Dom!

I purchased the narrative set for HIP and have been modifying it for my area, for instance we don’t need any narratives about evaporative coolers here in humid Md.
So stuff like that has to be changed, but once you get used to the system it’s easy to do.
But the set of narratives is highly detailed so it’s a great headstart from which you can build a report that is suited to you.

And of course Dom and his team are unbelievably helpful!