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I received a call from a potential client requesting an inspection on a new build just prior to closing. When speaking with the client she said the builder requires inspectors to be from ASHI. She then sent me the section of her contract with the builder containing this information. It reads as follows:

b. Private Home Inspections. At Buyer’s sole cost and expense, Buyer may choose to have a private
inspection of the Property after the “New Home Orientation” (described below) with Seller, at a
date and time approved by Seller, under the following conditions:
i. The inspector must maintain all business licenses required by law;
ii. The inspector must be a full-time professional inspector and a member of the American
Society of Home Inspectors, Inc. or a professional engineer; and
iii. The inspector must have general liability insurance coverage in an amount of at least
$300,000 on a policy which names Seller as an additional insured, and professional liability
errors and omissions coverage in an amount of at least $300,000.
iv. The inspector and any person accompanying the inspector, including Buyer and Buyer’s
Invitees, may be required to sign additional releases of liability and claims prior to entry.
The inspector must provide proof of compliance to Seller prior to scheduling the inspection with
Seller. The inspection must be completed a minimum of one business day after the New Home
Orientation. Each entry onto the Property by an inspector must first be cleared in writing by a Sales
Associate as provided in Section 11a. above. Seller may review items in an inspection report if
Buyer submits the report to Seller within 24 hours of the inspector’s site inspection. Seller has no
obligation to address any items listed on a private home inspection report. Buyer and Buyer’s
inspector assume all risk of injury and damage relating to each entry onto the Property and the
Home, and shall pay the cost of all repairs required to clean, restore, and correct any damage
caused by such inspection. Buyer hereby indemnifies Seller from all loss and expense, including
damage to person and property, Buyer may incur for any claim which is directly or indirectly
related to the inspection. This obligation shall survive the Closing or earlier termination of this

I figured since Nick likes ASHI as much as he does :wink: :wink:, I would share this. I have reached out to the builder and left a voicemail with the rep but have not heard back as of yet. BTW, the builder is small and locally based and not a big national “chain”. I am not going to name them here but will share builder info via a PM if interested…


Given your location, could very well be personally motivated.

Beyond that, might just be someone that thinks the ‘certified inspector’ requirements (or similar) of the associations are the determining factor for ability.

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I’ve run into situations that are what I call “preferred vendors”, where a R.E. company, agent or Builder has their “preferred” list of companies. I’ve also had situations where they also specified a preferred inspection reporting system. I simply just add them onto my Do Not Bother list. Sometimes NOT worth fretting over. Sort of like some I prefer Tim Hortons and others prefer Starbucks. I get it choices, but some have their favored vendor(s).


Or maybe they have history with InterNACHI inspectors being too thorough and finding more things than an ASHI inspector. So they are trying to exclude the more thorough non-ASHI inspectors.


Not to worry. I am sure this happens in other locations. It happened in my neck of the woods and some times rears its ugly head but not as often. Explain to the prospective client how your state legislates home inspections and how retaining you will be beneficial in understanding the condition of the home they placed an offer on.

I am situated in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The AIBQ, a home inspection organization, use to stomp into reality offices demanding their inspectors have jurisdiction in Quebec to inspect homes being sold through real estate agents. I have had clients ask me if I am a member of the AIBQ to which I responded no, and there is not provincial legislation that home inspectors are licensed/regulated.

There is a new disturbing pattern emerging unfortunately. A chapter of InterNACHI in Quebec named InterNACHI Quebec, absorbed many disgruntled AIBQ home inspectors.
These very inspectors are parroting the same misleading misinformation now saying InterNACHI Quebec members are the authorities having inspection jurisdiction to inspect homes in Quebec so I have been told.
Just to get you up to speed. The AIBQ splinter before into a Home Inspection Organization about 10 years ago and were re-absorbed by the AIBQ recently. Seems like these guys are never happy. Too Bad. So Sad.

Anyway. All the best with your endeavors. You will do just fine telling the truth.

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