The other day in the mail I got a newsletter from a Keller-Williams agent that she sends out once a month. In it was an article about items home buyers need to do during the process of purchasing a home. It listed things about financing, lawyers etc… The last paragraph included the Home Inspection and it stated home inspections should be done and only by using “The most qualified home inspectors” and guess who they listed as being the “Most qualified” ASHI of course. It said “Use ASHI inspectors ONLY,they are the most highly trained and qualified inspectors” Ok what about InterNachi, and NAHI inspectors, we all have to go through the same training and continuing education don’t we? What are they doing that we aren’t? I know a few ASHI inspectors, and they think thier S*@t don’ stink, they act like they are the God of home inpectors, that they do a better job than anyone else. Now I am not knocking a well trained and qualified inspector, I would want one to do my home, but I think that makes the rest of us who choose not to be affiliated with ASHI look like we don’t know what we are doing. Recently I was at a training class and two guys came up to me, not even introducing themsleves, but first things out of thier mouths was, are you an ASHI member or Associate? I told them neither, that I was a member of InterNachi, they both looked at eachother like as if I had some sort of disease. Go figure!

If you ever hear a realtor say that, just ask them why? The silence and the look on their face is privceless. I never had one give me an answer yet. This gives you a great opportunity to sell yourself through InterNACHI. Most people are like sheep, they are too lazy to think for themselves. ASHI’s branding campaign works well with sheep.
Most ASHI inspectors are starting to recognize the power of NACHI in my area. They know that they will not win.

Fax it to me at (650) 429-2057. I’ll fax it to the broker along with this document showing that ASHI is a known no-entrance-requirement diploma mill and remind them of the negligent referral suits that come with even mentioning the word “ASHI” (diploma mill inspectors).

ASHI likely authored the article and gave it to them to reprint. You should do similarly.

And don’t forget to mention all of the Ashi inspector’s who defected to Nachi.


Send me some names and numbers and i will take care of it. I know some very successful KW brokers in my area and would be happy to set this right.

contact info below.

Hope this helps;


Can I handle this? I know some very successful KW brokers who use only NACHI people (presentations and experience).

No slam intended, but sometimes, the throops on the ground know the local conditions better than the General does.