InterNACHI Pays Out $139,600.00 to Florida Members

The first month of inspections for the My Safe Home Inspection Program in Florida is in the books. It was filled with tons of teamwork and collaboration by all parties involved. Inspectors helping inspectors and Wind Certification Entities coming together as a team for a common goal to help all Floridian’s.

internachi my safe florida home

The My Safe Florida Home program is designed to help homeowners get a great inspection from professional inspectors who can help make recommendations on how to harden their home and hopefully save money on insurance. Just some of the milestones we hit:

  • Performed 1396 inspections in December alone!

  • Paid out $139600.00 to InterNACHI inspectors who performed these inspections!

  • InterNACHI developed a 1802 Form (Wind Mitigation Form) that can be used by MSFH inspectors that is not only easy to use and helps eliminate errors, but it will also eventually be released to all InterNACHI members to be used on their retail inspections as a benefit of membership!

  • InterNACHI developed a specialized scheduling portal for these inspections and continues to enhance it’s capabilities for inspectors every day!

TRULY, InterNACHI works all day every day to give home inspectors the opportunity to grow their business with not only the tools and support needed, but seeking out and winning contracts such as the MSFH contract just so their members have more inspections to do!

***Inspectors wishing to participate are encouraged to visit the portal and upload the requested documentation. Qualified Inspectors are onboarded in a first come, first serve order and patience is requested as there is tremendous interest and the need varies based on the volume from the program.

Thanks to InterNACHI for a great ride the first month. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Michelle Shishilla
MSFH Program Manager