My Safe Florida Home Program - Inspector Info!

Hey There! InterNACHI’s goal in participating in the MSFH program is to share the wind mitigation inspections with as many qualified inspectors as possible.

my safe florida home program

We can provide inspections to inspectors who live in Region 2 only at this time. See this map here: [My Safe Florida Home Program - InterNACHI®] If you live outside of Region 2 we encourage you to reach out to Beryl Engineering, Thomas Enterprising or DMI (Don Meyler).

To be a qualified inspector, InterNACHI must have on file the following (These are State of Florida Requirements):

Obtain a workers comp exemption (if you don’t have workers comp. insurance) by going here: []

Our inspector portal (see below) will ask you to upload the following documents:

in addition to the above items… inspectors should be prepared to:

  • Upload 5 Prior Wind Mitigation Inspections
  • Take the InterNACHI Wind Mitigation Class (if it isn’t done already)
  • Pay the application fee of $99.00
  • Ensure your InterNACHI profile is up to date with your service area.

**Complete all necessary classes as needed to become an InterNACHI® CPI® (if you aren’t already).

InterNACHI has a My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program enrollment portal for inspectors to sign up. You can get started by navigating here:

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. There is much interest from inspectors for this program. Inspections will be assigned to well-qualified inspectors in the areas of the inspections assigned by the State of Florida.


It might help to attract inspectors in the area if an idea of the anticipated compensation was provided for this work. The inspectors need to jump through a number of hoops in addition to paying a $99 application fee. Any idea how much they should expect to be compensated?

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Hey Scott,
Every WCE will pay differently so inspectors should ask questions. However for Region 2 InterNachi Inspectors will get paid a minimum of $100.00 per inspection. In addition we are working on a bonus program but that is not ready to be announced. The volume of work will vary based on how many inspections are assigned from the State Of Florida. And the fee covers the background check, drug testing and fingerprinting. Hope that helps!


Great information, I’m sure this will help everyone with this additional information.


Great to hear the “My Safe Home Program” is back. I uploaded all of my data and application fee, however some of the documents received an error message and did not upload. Is there another e-mail address that you have on file that I could use? Thanks. Phil Gribbons

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That’s a good price if I lived in that area I’d jump on it’s not the same in my area but that ok I’m very busy with my other business as well.

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Just out of curiosity, how much time goes into these all together? (Scheduling, travel, inspection, report writing, etc…). Don’t worry, I’m far from the area, just curious about it all.

That’s much less than what they were paying for the Owens Corning roof shingle inspections. Also that was a few years ago before inflation kicked in.


It’s my safe Florida program and and you have to sub contract from a bigger company. I’m a little older and not as fast as the younger people so between doing the report and the inspection at least an hour maybe a little more. So it’s not the best money but it makes for good fill in. InterNACHI is paying a good bit more than the one in my area so I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing. I don’t need the money that bad and for the money that this one group in my area wants to pay which is less than what InterNACHI pays he can do it himself.


What’s the typical travel time/cost for those doing these? Half hour?

Hey Phil! It looks like I have just about everything. I’ll be in touch with next steps :slight_smile:
I’m excited this program is back too. It will really help those inspectors struggling to fill their schedule like they have been the last several years.

It is a typical wind mitigation inspection. That is all. Just many of them :slight_smile:

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Hey, I submitted about everything, doing the test now!

Excellent! I’ll review in the morning :slight_smile: thank you!!

My Safe Florida Home - UPDATE - If you inspect Broward and Miami Dade, we need you!

We are onboarding new inspectors every day. Currently, priority is given to those inspectors who service Broward and Miami -Dade. If you are in the system … and have started onboarding with InterNACHI, please email me so I can check your status.

IF you are not an InterNACHI member and want to perform these inspections, you have a couple options… you can become a member of InterNACHI and start the process of onboarding or, you can reach out to My Safe Home Inspection… Chris Thomas… at as he is hiring for that area specifically as well. Thank you!

Hello Michelle, we contacted many times. I am local in Broward and Miami-Dade.

James, thank you so much for calling me out on the message board. Inspectors are on boarded after reviewing their wind mits and other documents for accuracy and to ensure the knowledge level needed exists. If you haven’t heard from me, perhaps there is something that is flagging your application that needs a closer review. I’ll be in touch with you at my first opportunity. Appreciate the help and understanding.

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Inspectors interested in participating in the program … just a note, We are handling requests on a first come first come basis. We are also prioritizing South Florida inspectors (since that is where the majority of inspections come in). Your wind mitigation inspections are reviewed and if they need improvement, you will be advised that more experience is needed and to re-apply after 3 months.

If I haven’t responded to your emails please understand that Florida has a ton of InterNACHI inspectors who would like to participate in this amazing program and to please be understanding that it takes time to review everyone’s qualifications. Very much appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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I was excepted two days ago. And iam waiting to get with donald to start this program. Figured i could take on some more wind mitigations on top of what i already do. We shall see. Thank you. Mj :+1::male_detective: