InterNACHI releases free online "Inspecting Commercial Electrical Systems" course

InterNACHI releases free online “Inspecting Commercial Electrical Systems” video course for 6 CE.

  • Free.
  • All video.
  • Learn at your own pace.…nspections.htm

Onwards and upwards!

Is Nachi TV not working or is it me?

Not just you. l get nothing but a blank screen at first page of this course, then next page is quiz.

same here !

Working here…Windows Vista, Google Chrome.

Still doesn’t for me, with Firefox or IE9… Also have Vista.

All I get is the quizzes.

Using Safari and Chrome I get the same results as Chris, no video. Will try again tomorrow.

Also a small request Ben, on the student guide material please keep black backgrounds to a minimum. Burned through a whole black ink cartridge printing out the 200 pages. Normally get over 1,000 pages to a new cartridge. This is the first course where you went heavy with that background.

Did something change?? It was working fine on my ipad2. I was playing it anywhere I was at, very convenient. Now… It says someThing about not being coded for my device. Was something changed to accommodate some other devices?