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Did it and passed…



How long did it take you to get through it? I’d be interested in knowing so I can budget the time for it.

Are there CE credits offered for it towards our NACHI cert?


I took the test today under an hour, BUT…

I was not reading the study material before taking the tests. I simply went to each test section (which was a lot) and answered every question. Then I took the final exam.

I think better of 1.5-2 as I read the info.

Good luck,


I think Chris has it rigged to dump 3 hours of CE automatically into your online CE log.


Well for a ten minute test it seems to be par for CEU’s.

Passed 81

Passed second time 95.

Yes, once the test is passed…the CE credits go directly into your education log.

passed /50 min.s

Thanks, you must of left some of the answers checked for me.:cool:

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Nice going Larry:) :smiley:

Just passed it as well. I assume from the title that this is a preliminary course.

Is there a full commercial building inspection course in the works?

Thanks…and Great Job!!