InterNACHI releases new Inspection Graphics Library.

Nice but the wording is still too small. At least double the size is needed.

Hit hi-res version.

A few more added today.

InterNACHI… the shock and awe of the inspection industry.

This association is insane, in good way.


Chimney section added today:

Septic Systems section added today:

Clay tile and insulation sections added today.

Nick, please ask the Picasso’s to make the line thicknesses quite a bit thicker?

Even when I downloaded the Hi-res version, and displayed it on my 20" LCD monitor, they look too thin.

I’ll bet we will be using much smaller versions in the reports. Thanks! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. We’ll make the text bigger.

Hail Damage section added today:

More added today:

Nice graphics
We can always use these as a base and add our own arrows or bigger text in a simple Photoscape,or Irfanview type program.

Also, we can make you anything you want. Just let me know. I can even stick your logo on a house or whatever you want.

Nick you are gonna get your self in trouble on that one.

“Free Logo Design by Nick Gromicko”.

More roof framing graphics added today:

Metal seam identification section added:

NACHI Rocks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Roofing Calculations section added: