InterNACHI's new library of self-study graphics. Advanced training.

InterNACHI is developing a new library of self-study graphics designed as the ultimate advanced training tool.

The massive library will eventually contain over 8,000 graphics of various home and commercial building systems and components.

Members will be able to download high resolution versions of each graphic for use in their brochures, reports, and websites.

Here is a little sample:

InterNACHI… #1 in advanced home and commercial inspector training.

Very cool.

We started playing with the idea a few months ago: and now have 2 graphic artists working full time on it. Next month I’ll start posting them as they are developed. Members can take what they want from it.

Looks great Nick. You should think about having them uploaded to a photo gallery program so that you can tag each image and get some SEO out of it and also make it easy to add and download new pictures as they are created. That way members can download whole folders if they want or individual images if needed.

Doing the SEO would make them readily available for non members.

Thats a great benefit to members, thanks Nick

Good stuff ! Thanks Nick !

Excellent. Thx Nick!

Good job Nick, and can see how this will help all new and old equally.

Marcel :):smiley:


Awesome!! NACHI never ceases to amaze me!:smiley:

Great idea Nick. Thanks!

Kenton gets the credit. He did the interviewing and hiring of the graphic artists and he is overseeing their work.

I’m amazed at the light years of progress I’ve seen in 6 years at NACHI, Nick!

Looks good Nick.Thanks!

Great tool, and people wonder why InterNACHI?

Perhaps a new tag on the left iNACHI main home page to take any customer/client/inspector direct to its own home page. Click on the video/graphic that interests them. We can put links to the page on our web sites…???

Strike back at Carson Dunlop.


Look forward to the finished product.

Looks awesome!!