InterNACHI sues HomeSafe and Kevin Seddon over infrared patent claims.

I concur Dad.
Plus, Chuck, you don’t know what you are talking about.:wink:

Are you off your meds again?

All the old threads are still out there if you want to know, go find them. Then get someone to explain what is being said for you.

Nick there was a suit filed against a member. NACHI could have supported or taken over the defense of that member. NACHI also could have, in collaboration with other associations or on their own, introduced an entire class of practicing home inspectors as having been harmed. The counter suit could have been a class action suit or by an entity representing a class.

This is a two year old debate between you and I. I didn’t bring it up. We don’t need to rehash it to the same conclusion. It was raised by the befuddled Mr. Yeung trying to involve himself in matters that he does not grasp and which do not concern him. If he thinks someone is due an apology, he can choose the member of his choice and apologize to them himself.

The good news is that you are now pursuing what I wanted to see two years ago. Hopefully the court will find merit in your argument and not simply find it a breach of contract. I’m rooting for NACHI.

Perhaps one day I will be a member again.

Stop being so smug.
Yes Nick went to defend a member.
You still do not get it do you.
Too bad.
So sad.

Sad to see you still can not say you are wrong or sorry.

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Default Re: I.R. Patents ,now NACHI’s
Now Nick has made himself the single greatest threat to the free practice of thermal imaging by home inspection professionals. I would be ashamed to support such a reprehensible act.

From I.R. Patents ,now NACHI’s - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

I am all caught up.
You support what again?

No you aren’t caught up. Here’s more

Get someone who has the capacity to comprehend to read it for you and explain it to you.

I know that there’s a point that you’re trying to make, but it got lost in the fog and is still stuck rattling around in your head - in spite of what you believe, it never made it out and remains trapped in the wasteland. My interactions with Nick do not concern you. Let it go before you hurt yourself trying to understand what is beyond your capacity.

Unfortunately, this shows your inability to face the facts.

I find it illogical how everyone wants Nick to run the ship their way when the reality is, he runs the ship.:slight_smile:
Personally I believe, as well as the vast majority of INACHI members know he is doing a great job.
I think you can tell by the numbers, they keep growing.
Also staunch loyal members do not publicly chastise him openly, then leave the association only to return to the MB as non-members, geez Louise, and embrace themselves further by continuing their rant about why they left.
Yes Chuck, not an error in spelling, embrace themselves.

Yet you feel you should be his advisor on legal matters and act like this?
I highly doubt that will happen.:slight_smile:
Thank God for us all.:slight_smile:

So pout, whimper, cry and make all the rude gestures you wish to make at me. It will not erase the FACTS.
1: You are not Nick Gromicko.
2: You are not a TRUSTED advisor.
3: You will not run the ship. Phew.
4: You should be thanking Nick Gromicko personally for having the intellect to take on the patient troll.
5: You owe Nick an apology.

Last say on the subject.
I do know my shortcomings. Trust me.
All explained in past posts if you wish to review them.

What holds me back from continuing collegiate and other forms of provincial education that were incomplete, unwavering loyalty.
PS: My education will reconvene when I have the opportunity.

As for knowing about the subject at hand, you are wrong and short-sighted, as you are now, to state I do not understand.
A patient troll.

Smart or intrusive on HomeSafes part?
The laws are black and white.
But if you are so smart, then take this patent troll on yourself, and with your own efforts and finances and stop blaming others.

I wish you all the best in your endeavors Chuck.
Best regards as always.
Robert Young

Why do you involve yourself in matters that do not concern you? Nick doesn’t need you as his protector and you should realize that I don’t feel any need to explain myself to you and your opinion holds no weight with me.

Butt out Butthead! Take your meds.

Stick to the facts.
1: I am a thermographer & use thermographic interments, as well as others.
Please no further disparaging remarks.
I have seen enough, as well as others.
2: So by you saying this does not involve me you are mistake.
I am a member in good standing.

Please note, threads such as this provide information to attest to, loyal members and none members.

So if you are not a member that supports InterNACHI, RUN BY THE ASTUTE Nick Gromicko, why are you here.
Others leave quietly.

Good advice when are you going to take your own?

Robert, you can stop your “rah, rah Nick” and “rah, rah NACHI” cheerleading anytime. It is getting rather boring and frankly, neither needs your help. :roll:

OMG that’s too funny. LOL

Take two. Or take twenty two. Go away. Shut up and quit whining. You’ll get no satisfaction from me.

WOW…This Mr. Seddon is drowning right about now probably wondering what his next move is…It’s AsH**s like this trying to extort others.
Internachi question…
Once you prove your case…which I have no doubt. I’m wondering if any and all internachi members and non-internachi inspectors that were previously harmed should go after him in a class action. but not till this is resolved. Im hoping internachi can prove RICO I smell extortion all over this Mr. Seddon.
This guy better hurry up and do some IR inspections to pay his attorney because he’s going to need it because he will run out of money. This guy wants to extort people…
well he cant even spell the word “patent” his spelling is “poatent” and is there such a word as accounces by his standards there is, … this is what your dealing with. Doesn’t even care to proof read or even use something as simple as spell check.
GOOD LUCK Internachi

go nick!!!

When and where can I sign up!!! where’s the list?

Everybody that is hard on Nick on this matter needs to get over it. Nick knows he screwed up and is in the process of correcting it.
I have a lot of respect for Nick. I certainly do not agree with some of the decisions he makes affecting NACHI. I have learned over the years that this is Nick’s organization, and us members are here for the ride. The only thing we can do as members, is when we see something not right in this organizaton, is to swarm around Nick’s head like flies. After a while, Nick usually starts to wonder why he is drawing all these flies and corrects his course.

JAME’S your assessment is solid.
“Everybody that is hard on Nick on this matter needs to get over it.”

Respect is earned through loyalty.
Speculation and fear are unwarranted.

Some decisions require timing.
I would rather have Nick at the helm than HomeSafe.
I feel positive Nick will make any required adjustments for the industry.