InterNACHI sues HomeSafe and Kevin Seddon over infrared patent claims.

InterNACHI lawsuit against HomeSafe and Kevin Seddon (personally):

InterNACHI motion to pierce HomeSafe’s corporate veil to include Kevin Seddon (personally) as a defendant:

Great thanks for the Upgrade .This could get very interesting . All the best… Roy

Whew, that’ll keep their attorney’s busy.

Thanks Nick.


This could break the camel’s back.

lmao, Nick…I made a bet on another forum you would be the winner here…:smiley:

I especially like the “piercing the corporate veil” part and the RICO suggestion. Hopefully this country will realize that these patent trolls are stifling innovation and do something (either legislative or judicial) to put them out of business.


Think of the harm that the chilling effect of their false claims has caused to an entire class of home inspectors and by extension to the consuming public. Those many inspectors might have engaged in providing valuable infrared inspection services to their clients, but did not because of the threat of unwarranted lawsuits made by this company.

I’m going to take his home and then turn it into an IR training facility.

Nice! Looking forward to it!

Better late than never.

I hope you rip him a new one Nick.

Nick, you are the king mate!

Best of luck with your/our new Infrared Traning center.:):):slight_smile:
Nick, can Jim Seffrin be one of the directors or permanent consultant?

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Chuck, I hold you in very high regards.
You excell as a thermographer, an InterNACHI member, you are a knowledgeable home inspector, an astute individual and great InterNACHI college that has helped many but, I feel you owe Nick Gromicko an apology.

Personally, I have only known Mr. Gromicko to be helpful to everyone around him and in the corner of every home inspector, including the home inspection industry.

WTF are you prattling about?

That Young fella is a few cards short of a full deck. :roll:
Just ignore him or maybe throw a banana into his cage.:wink:

I might be wrong but, did you not leave INACHI due to Nick’s primary involvement defending INACHI members?

If I am MISTAKEN I will retract the post and apologize.

Do not be so certain, and please avoid your knee-jerk insults.
Let us see if Chuck’s memory is up to snuff.
He left NACHI, and for some time, although he posted here regularly.

If I am right, me thinks your INACHI nickname might bear fruit.:wink:
I to will be awaiting an apology.

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