Internachi Template

Someone said there is a special Template for NACHI members. I looked all over my dashboard last night and could only find one with a VIDEO space on 1st page and it was a sample ALREADY filled out. Anybody know IF there is a NACHI Template AND if so where the heck is it at on HG so you can download it to see if you wanta use it.

Open HomeGauge, select new report, select template under catagories- INTERNACHI

Not in mine Linus. Even went to HomeGauge in “MY DOCUMENTS”

There is a Commercial Template for iNACHI but NO residential anywhere??


If you download and re-install HG, it will add the missing templates that you lack, along with any other tidbits you may not have.

It won’t change your existing HG stuff. (Don’t do it if you’re running a older version, HG’s office can send you the link for the older versions.)

FWIW, the HG site used to be more helpful.


Dom, the HG site never had info about the folder InterNACHI so our old site wouldn’t have helped. Besides here there is also which has two of us watching this Easter Weekend and we were glad to help!

You are correct, Dan run the install again at your Dashboard (left column on the bottom) and a new folder will be installed under Swelect template> InternACHI. This is if you are using version 5

I’m in Version 4

You should upgrade, it’s worth it.

You can also get help on the Facebook HG user group. Over 300 members willing to help. Also monitored by HG staff and other experts, like Shancy.

Is the nachi template in HG4

No. I believe that idea of making one came after 4. I think you use HG Services Dan and if so, version 5 is waiting on you at no additional charge.