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Like to thank Mark Cohen for his expertise in legal advice. As a Internachi member Nick Gromicko put me in touch with Mark about a question I had about conflict of interest. Mark wrote up a quality addition to my pre inspection agreement/contract. Thank you for the help guys. TJ Knudson Knudson Home Inspection Mobridge, South Dakota


You’re welcome!

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Hi Thomas, happened to notice your from Mobridge, do you happen to know any of the Kosters around there??

Yes, I know all of them. Good people. Know Kooner and Paula, Paul, Micki and all the kids.

TJ Knudson

Yes they are, their youngest son John, is my son-in-law. Father of 3 super grand kiddos.

It would be very useful if you share the addition that I recommended in the agreement because it could be useful to us.