InterNACHI® Tool Bag

My statement has been ‘confirmed’! :wink:

Really? How is it possible that one thread is “killing” and overpowering the other “millions of posts” this MB claims to have garnered??


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yup, your perfect likeness!

I forgot the Nick posts and happy birthday posts. Take these out along with the COVID crap and this forum may get a few thousand posts a year at best.


Goatee Bro…not a wooly booger stach only… :wink:

What a wonderful coincidence HUH… … … … … … …
You were targeted. … .



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Hey Ben,

Is my website secure? You can use mine as an example if it isn’t and can you show me how to make it secure?

I learn so much from the training videos on YouTube. I wouldn’t mind giving back.

Looked secure to me. Little lock and everything…

But you may still want to confirm with Ben… :thinking: