InterNACHI's Pending Home Sales Indicator including all of July 2021 data released


Interesting. Thank you.

Nick, what are your thoughts on why things are slowing?

The amounts that houses sold for earlier this summer is public info now. This caused many neighbors to think that they should sell their houses for even more and cash in on the wave. They are late. But that didn’t stop them from over-pricing their homes past the point where people can afford them.

I love it! However, without having the Y-axis the data can’t be properly interpreted. Is the bottom of the Y-axis zero and we’ve seen a drop of about 80%? Or is the bottom of the y-axis 90% for example, and this drop is insignificant. Please include the y-axis.

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Very interesting stuff, thanks.

Nick, is this link still live? I get an error when I try to click to view the chart.

Works fine.