InterNACHI's Stanczyk and Gromicko quoted in Seattle Times home inspection article.

Seattle Times home inspection article quotes InterNACHI’s Stephen Stanczyk and Nick Gromicko.

Looks good guys! Nice job.

Nick Gromicko, founder of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, added: “The trick if you’re a homebuyer and you’re buying a piece of property or a house: Hire an inspector out of town, and offer to pay him mileage. That way that inspector doesn’t know any realtor and doesn’t care to earn that business.”

This needs to be plastered all over the internet.

I always try to get a quote in that subliminally reminds consumers that it is in their best interest to offer inspectors more money, not less.

Nick your quote makes sense for the consumer but not for the home inspector who is your customer. Don’t take me wrong but thank God your not Opera because statements like that could take a lot of local work away from honest hard working home inspectors IMO. Great article but maybe I’m reading into your quote wrong. If so my apologies.

You are, apology accepted. The opposite of my quote would read something like: “Home inspections are a commodity to be shopped. There is never any reason to pay an inspector more. You can always trust real estate agents to recommend the very best inspector based solely on merit.”

Way to go, Stephen.