Internet access on the road

does anyone know of a service provider or way to be able to access the internet at the job site other then satelite and does anyone know how much satelite runs these days… im in the philadelphia PA area

Verizon wireless.

Wireless I have found many at hotels Coffee shops and some apartment building. The tell me also Best buy has it also from your car.

thanks alot, i guess i had a crazy brain fart, thanks alot

ok cool, now does anyone know how fast the internet is on the road?

Most Hotels are High speed …Cookie


Verizon is the best…Alltel is OK. Both are fast but nothing compares to cable. Either company has air cards or you can buy a cable to connect your cell phone to your laptop. Contact your provider to see what they offer and at what prices…i use alltel because verizon is not available in my area, their rate is $25/month for the lower speed service.

Hope this helps.



Of course they are. You have to go fast if you only want to pay for the room by the hour and not for the whole night… oh wait…you guys are talking about internet access. Never mind :oops:


At the current time in most areas sprint has the highest speed wireless internet via their cellular towers. Just pick up a laptop card or usb antenna at your local sprint store.


gotcha, thanks all

You can get a data card that fits in the PCMCIA slot of your laptop. Works great if you have a good signal. But the cost is about $60.00 per month for unlimited access. The benefit of the card is that you can also use it at home if you have a good signal, and can use it in conjunction with a wireless router to set up a wireless network in your home so all computers with a wireless NIC can get on the internet.

I went with a data capable cell phone (Alltel). I plug it in to the computer with a USB cable and get online anywhere I get a cell phone signal. Not as fast as the data card, but fast enough for me to send an email or browse the web. $25.00 per month for unlimited access (in addition to the cell phone plan). The price is right. Depending on your needs, this might be all you need for home and on the road. From my experience, Alltel has the best reception in rural areas of my state. That’s why I use them. (It seems Verizon and Sprint only work well if you’re between the lines of the interstate.)

It must vary by area, Joe-
Verizon has it hands down in the NW.
I’ve had Verizon for 2 years, works fine on the road in populated areas, but 5.53 kbps here at home in the boonies.
No cable here, went to WildBlue this week for faster connnection

Smart Move Russ I have been on Wildblue since last Sept was on Dial up for 10 years and was sick of the speed or I should say lack of. The only drawback to Satallite as with any satallite when you get a heavy rain you will have no signal but I can live with that. Hughs net was my only other option here and their Tech support is out of India and is very poor.

Charlie, my tech support for WB is right here in Spirit Lake. Between that and our buddy Dominic, I should be in good shape!

Hey Russ, I am wildblue now also, special deal through dishnetwork. I also was dial-up for 10 yrs. Russ you have seen my reports, used to take 30-40 mins to upload a report, now less than 5.:smiley:

I’m surprised you got them uploaded before the deal closed, Karl!!

Isn’t broadband wonderful!!

The speed when using the phone is very slow. The air cards seem the way to go. I go as far as Tawas/ Au Gres area. Have you tried it in this area. Their map shows Tawas as spotty. Oh, like your Moose board on 65. Looks Good.

I have found that whatever cellular company you use in your area the wireless card from that company will probably be best. Around these parts, ALL Tel was completely terrible. I use sprint for the phone and I own their unlimited plan wireless card and it works anytime my phone works, which makes sense.

what does the average price run? and where can i go… verizon or sprint is best in PA