Wireless BroadbandAccess, Anyone?



OK, so I have this rocking 31.2 dialup on good days. I want to know if anyone uses a connection like the above link. Is it a good deal? Are there better deals? Would I still need to stay subscribed to Earthlink, also, as my IP?

Any useful info or suggestions are appreciated!



Hi Russ,

what you have now is the internet equivalent of 2 folgers cans and a long piece of string :wink: … the only way is up.
I know that where you live broadband cable connections are limited so if you have good cell reception, this maybe the way to go, it is not the fastest, but a lot better than what you have.

You may also want to look at satelite services, on top of internet, you may also get more than 4 TV channels



Russ…I don’t have that…but I use my Verizon wireless phone as a modem w/ a usb connection and it is around 119 kbps…faster than my dial up…but it uses my cellphone minutes.

I am testing Nextel right now so I can have 2 cell phone numbers on one phone…so both business lines can be answered properly and businesslike…I used their phone yesterday with their internet access via usb…and got 12kbps…icky…

sorry I cannot help!

Gerry, I’m really happy to refer to you as a friend, but please don’t be so presumptuous to say that I have 4 channels.
I’ve got .5.
That’s point five, Mate.

OK, cell phone here is iffy, and I use an external antennae. Did I mention I’m out there?

Does such a critter exist to boost the laptop’s reception?

I know about satellite, but am really not that interested in the tube. We’re quite happy with NetFlix.

Besides, a big bird is telling me that I’ll be doing some traveling this year, and I’d like to carry my connectivity around with me.

Again, all comments and suggestions are welcome!


Tony, you pay for your pleasures in the sticks, for sure!

Hey Russ;

Try Irdium. We used them heavily in the oil business. I’d be drilling wells in the middle of no where and I’m talking from the sand dunes of glamas to the sand in Saudi…These systems were outstanding. I’m sure you can up link with laptop, notebook, whatever…




Also, look at http://computer.howstuffworks.com/question606.htm and check the Google ads on the right. These services are pricey but would do what you want to do.

Will, I looked up Iridium’s info; thanks!
Although it looks like the connectivity is anywhere, it seems like I’ll actually be taking a step backwards from my 31.2 kbps. Read on:

Dial-Up Data
Dial-Up Data Service provides dial-up connectivity from a PC, through your Iridium phone to another computer, a corporate network/LAN or an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This service offers a data rate of up to 2.4 Kbps.
Read More…
Direct Internet Data
Direct Internet Data Service provides connectivity from a PC, through your Iridium phone, directly to the Internet through dedicated servers at the Iridium gateway. This service utilizes transparent compression, resulting in effective throughput data rates higher than the 2.4 Kbps service that Iridium’s data service operates at. The actual throughput will depend on the content being transferred and the protocol used. (Graphics and images will result in lower throughput.)
Read More…

Mike, thanks; they all seem to be talking about satellite stuff. As far as I know, this would not be using any type of dish, you just walk around the country with your laptop on . . .

Nextel is offering the same thing or around the same price or less if memory serves my right. Nextel has far superior coverage in my area than verizon and I’ve had better customer service as well. With either Nextel, Verizon or others offering the wireless broadband internet, even if your laptop is already wireless it won’t work with their system, you have to purchase an additional card for $50 - $100 and then have it activated at an additional cost and sign a term agreement for like 2yrs or more. I’m thinking of switching to this system if cable broadband gets any more expensive. By having wireless broadband I would be able to finnish my reports in the field and post them online instead of waiting until I get back home.
This would probably free up some time in the evenings to shorten the honey do list.:shock: Hmmmmmm maybe not such a good idea;)


A couple of guys were using the Sprint card in the parking lot of the convention. It worked great.

One thing you may want to check out is Fixed Wireless. By that I mean they install an antenna on your house and it is aimed at a transmission tower provided by the ISP. Most of these guys are smaller companies and sometimes it is hard to find them.

With mine I can get around 1.0mbps up and down on a good day. Most of the time however, it is around 850kbps up and down. Some limit the upload speed or charge more for the higher speeds.

Here and here are two links I found via Google. If these two don’t cover your area, they might be able to provide a name to someone who does.

Just a thought.

That is what I have is fixed wireless. It works well in everything but the snow.

No, Russ, those systems do use a dish at your home but do not provide any TV services. Equipment costs are fairly high at $500-$600 to set up the system then service runs $40-$70 per month. Look at www.starband.com and www.direcway.com (not to be confused with Direct TV). I also doubt Fixed Wireless would work for you as it is ‘line of sight’ only.


I have been using this for over a year. I consider it a great deal. For 35.00 a month I get high speed dsl and unlimited long distance, caller ID, Voice mail, etc. you do not need to sign up with anyone else. MSN and Verizon are part of the deal.

You get your cell phone and wireless internet for $35 a month, John?
I pay close to $70 for cell alone, with Verizon. Shows how competitive rates are in metro areas, compared to the sticks.
I’d have to add another $60 to that!

Ben, Andrew, Fixed Wireless would not be for me, out here in the hills.

What I want is total nationwide mobility, without wires. Verizon is the only semi-dependable cell phone around here, in tri-mode, so I guess it will need to be a Verizon package.

Sorry, misunderstanding. I get my landline and dsl service for that cost. DSL is done over the telephone lines. It involves placement of filters on the telephone lines,etc. The complete kit was provided for me by Verizon.

It may not be available in your area.

Nope, no DSL here in the woods, John!
Or cable.

Still investigating whether the wireless internet from Verizon would even reach me out here . . .

I bet Verizon will tell you it will…

Just like they told me the cell phone would work here.

And, it will, if you stand in a certain position in Jeanne’s walk-in closet.
That’s why I have an external antennae on the cell phone, for home use . . .