Interresting Stairs

So you did make it up.:roll::roll:

Stop relying on others to back up your insane stories.

If you can’t support the statement, don’t post it!

wedged risers & treads
as wear occurs through the years squeaks develop
if access is available to the underside of the staircase the wedges can be re-tightened with a few taps of a hammer

Marcel is busy building America’s Armada

Sorry the last one I seen is already in the dump but you can find them with a little check on the internet.

Barry posted wedges but that has nothing to do with the pic you were commenting on.

Thanks Barry

Thanks Barry.

Now if Kevin will get off his arse and Google his own information, we can move forward.

Do you realize how stupid that comment was Jeffrey?

Still waiting for you to explain what your comment had to do with the pic of the stair in post#1

Nope… explain it to me and the world… or are you going to run and hide again?

Now if Kevin will get off his **arse **and Google his own information
What do think I do stand while typing. LOL

so once again. You got nuttin’ but to call people names :roll:

It has now been about 45 minutes. Certainly you could have typed your query into Google by now. So everyone reading this thread, and many others that you have posted on, are left to believe that **Kevin Wood, CMI, **of **Sault Ste Marie ON Canada, **you really are “Full-of-Sh*T” !!!

I found one in 30 seconds.

Oops, it’s not like the pic either. :wink:

Wrong kind Michael keep searching!

No sh!t Sherlock or is is Schlock?

Did you read my post?

I’ll repeat it for you.

Where’s your example?

It’s been over an hour and nothing.:twisted::twisted::roll::roll:

Well what do you know. I found the house that had them.

Had what?

I see a standard stair board with a molding above it.

And your picture is out of focus. Badly

possibly unintentional protection of those minor children

if those were my kids/grandkids…1-800-ATTORNEY

My camera is adjustable and I can move to avoid taking pics of things that should not be in my report or posted online. :wink:

Most all software allows for cropping a pic!