This how to build them stairs....

Here is and interesting find. All of the stair treads and risers were undercut and secured to the stringers with L-brackets and wood screws. the treads did not even extend into the stringer cut-outs. Yup they did bounce and creak when I walked up and down them. I wrote it up as a safety hazard and recommended replacing the stairway before occupying the home. Has anyone seen anything like this and what would your recommendation be?

I’m surprised they used screws. That set-up calls for nails bent over if anything…

I hope they used short ones, at least at the treads. :shock:

I see many poor built stairs ,decks,porches it is crazy.
If this thread continues I will post some just from today that I have not unloaded yet.
I could write a book on it.

Probably torked the screws to the max thinking it was good idea. LOL

“Staircase appeared to have been build by persons having little knowledge of good building practices. The staircase is poorly constructed and and potentially dangerous. The Inspector recommends replacement of the staircase by a qualified contractor.”

My favorite report comment…
“Demo & Replace”

Has anyone seen anything like this and what would your recommendation be?

I would recommend a IR to see what other avoided proper carpentry building practices where avoided by THEM CARPENTER’S.:roll:

You must admit they were good quality L brackets for shelving???:shock:

Maybe they thought since the “L” bracket was shaped like stairs, that’s what its for :shock:

I like pictures like these

If the stringer cut outs as you call them (dadoes) weren’t in the right places it really wouldn’t help to put them back in them. This looks like they were converted to pine for aesthetic reasons. This unit is to a large extent self supporting,some additional blocking and adhesive would take out any squeaks. Remember gentlemen your inspectors not carpenters,don’t confuse the two.