Intertherm Model Identification


I am trying to identify my AC model number and I am having a tough time doing it. Looking online, it does not seem to correspond with any standard Intertherm model convention that I can find. I am not even sure of its year.

Here are a few pictures:

Thanks for the help.

I’m confused, Nick. The model number is clearly shown in the last picture.

Found this on the internet: CNS30B is a good Intertherm number - It appears to be a small AC unit generally for a mobile home. The age code is embedded in the serial number which I didn’t see in your picture.

I don’t know about clearly… I was having a tough time picking out what those letters even could be.

Do you think it reads like other intertherm age codes? I will try to get a picture of it. Thanks for your help.

Click on the picture and it gives you a larger version from which everything was clearly readable to my 60-year-old eyes.