Old Intertherm Package Unit ACw/elect heat

I am having difficulty identifying model number. I have searched everywhere I can think of but can not seem to pull up this model number. SCH42IR86MAY29-CR03. Any help or direction to a list of old models would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried this?:


Thanks Larry but it only helps identity year of manufacture. I know its a old unit, May 86 but I just can not identity that model , it’s like it was never produced!

I emailed Nortec Global, hopefully they will respond soon🙄

It is 33 years old!

A thought: Have them budget for replacement, Phillip.

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Hahaha, yup almost half my age but seems we both are still running strong! Just a matter of time.

after it’s 10-15 years of age, it does not matter if it’s 30 or 60.

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Just a question…OK?
Why are you wanting this info?