Invoice for a Draw Disbursement Inspection


I have been contacted to do a Draw Disbursement Inspection for a mortgage company here in Maryland. I’m writing to see if anyone here that does these sort of inspections has a standard invoice they use that they wouldn’t mind sharing. All I have is my full blown inspection contract that I’ve been using with the total home inspections.

Also, I forgot to ask the more important question. What is the going rate for this type of inspection?



You should ask the mortgage company what they require, all are different, and also ask them what they pay.

They may be asking for a FHA/HUD draw inspection which has to be done by a 203k Consultant.

As Jeff suggested, I did ask what they required and they just wanted photos at particular stages of construction. The one tomorrow morning is to get pics of the foundation work. He said a couple of pictures, a report on the foundation and an invoice was all he needed. I asked how much they typically paid out for these type of inspections and he said around $75, so I said that would be fine. They originally reached me through my nachi membership contact info.



your reporting spftware should have invoicing built into it. if not us reporthost and look like a pro

I was getting 125 to 150 for commercial draws. I quit doing them when it became a hassle getting paid (always got paid but most times it was slow coming). The draw company wanted 15-20 pictures and provided me with the report format they wanted. For invoicing I use HG which has fully customizable invoices.

I have needed software to send a invoice.
Are you guys that lazy ?:slight_smile:

Excel does that stuff.


I have Excel. Is it one of the free templates that comes with the software or did you have to go on-line to find it?



Makeing your own invoice is really simple and saveable too. Just fill out on micro word or excel and just do it.