IR Class in Western Canada

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**Hello **

   We are going to be sponsoring a 2 day training class for those who are interested in becoming Infrared Certified.

We are bringing Mr Infrared himself to Calgary to do the training locally. No travelling to Texas or other points south. 

**John McKenna will be the instructor. **



The 2 days of training will cover the operation of the thermal camera and the basics of home inspections (building sciences for homes).

The course dates are March 5-6 2009 (Thursday & Friday)

       Location will be in High River , Alberta.  It is 25 minutes south of Calgary.  No traffic issues here!

   If you are interested in taking the course here in High River, then please email me back or call me to let me know ASAP.

We will be keeping the class to a minimal number so that we can have a lot of one on one, and answer a lot of questions.

   We will also be addressing the use of Thermal Imaging in doing Energy Efficiency Evaluations.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting specialty and expand the scope of what you are doing now,  please let us know as we will need to add additional time in after hours of the basic 2 day IR Training.

   Please respond back as soon as you can as we will only have a few seats available for the first training session.

The 2 day course will cost $700 CND. Taxes included.   Lunch for both days are also included as they will be catered on site.

   Brian Wickhorst     403 701-4951    (Calgary)

  The course will be held at this hotel. They have rooms available for those who will need accommodations. You will need to book soon. Rooms are clean and it is a fairly new building.

 [RIGHT][Super 8 High River AB](,RA,MQ,HJ,TL,DI,KG,BU,BH&searchWithinMiles=25&areaType=1&destination=High%20River&state=AB&country=CA&checkInDate=03/04&numberAdults=1&numberRooms=1&checkOutDate=03/06&numberChildren=0&numberBigChildren=0&rate=000&useWRPoints=false&variant=&id=12840&propBrandId=SE&force_nostay=false&tab=tab1)

            1601 13th Ave
    Highway 2 Exit Highway 23
    High River, AB T1V 2B1 CA


An alternative hotel is the Ramada Inn. It is owned by the same people and is across the street.

Gale Jacobs Manager
403 603-3183
Rates are a bit more than the Hotel 8.

See you there!

Brian Wickhorst
Environmental Technologies
403 701-4951