IR Inspector Yellowpages Listing

Are You a Home Inspector? Do you use Thermal Imaging Camera Equipment in conjunction with your inspection, or in addition to your inspection. ie. Energy Inspecting, Audits, etc.?

If so, you can be listed free on the
web site.

Simply, send me an e-mail, with the following information:
Company Name
Home Inspection State License # and Expiration (if applicable)
Legal Physical Address- Including Zip Code
Telephone #
Web Site
And type of Camera you currently use-

We will contact you if we have any questions? We are looking for a cross section of Infrared Inspectors throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico. Len Ungar will also be administrating the program. He is the Long Island InterNACHI Chapter President.

Please send your e-mail for review to the following e-mail address:
(incomplete e-mails will be simply deleted)

The Site is owned and operated by Merrell Institute and is offer is for InterNACHI members. The offer will remain in effect for 2 weeks. We will not retrieve names or information from the mesaage board. If you are not actively using Infrared Equipment, this post is not applicable for you.

Thank you, and I hope this added web site will benefit those who are listed, and we are proud to make this offer to professionals who are members of InterNACHI.

Looking for Infrared Education, check this out today:

Thanks Bill and Len. Nice offer.

I’ve got a page 1 listing here

I have 2 & 3…I’ll have to work on that! :wink:

NYS Approved Home Inspection Class for IR Thermal Inspecting- 7 hours ce in NYS-

System Updated- Check To Verify Your Listing

Thanks, Bill!!


Thank you Bill !! :slight_smile:


You went with the “infrared” keyword. I went with the “Thermal” keyword.

Seems they both work, but are not linked with google.

Go figure.

Can’t really do a good job in just one day, Bill.

Maybe just for NY credit, but not a real good substitute for professonal IR training or certification training.

Just curious, who teaches this IR class?

For everyone that asked to be posted, you are all welcome. Thanks for the Thank You’s on this borad and by e-mail.

Our class, which is part of a different thread, has been mentioned here.

One question was the time frame. I agree that the time frame will only allow the process and the procedures to be explained in the context of NYS law. That is why it took so long to become an approved program in NY State.

If someone is looking for Certification, outside of NYS Licenbsing and Continuing Education, I agree that there is much more to be learned than what can be talk and absorbed by a student in a 7 hour class.

Same as the on-line class. They and it serves a purpose. I am glad that it is NYS approved, and Home Inspectors who take the course are receiving credit towards their NYS Home Inspection License. No other thermography course can make this claim, unless the State just approved one in the last 24 hours. I have no knowledge of this.


Give me a call if you want to discuss the outline of my course, it’s content and our instructional staff, each approved by NYS. I would be pleased to speak with you. I was interested in learning more about your course, especially the one offered next month in NYS.

Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing many InterNACHI members in several weeks.

All new requests for listing have been posted. I will be updating the syatem each and every week to keep the system current. Use the first thread to update your listing, or to request a listing be added.
Have a great weekend.

Great offer. Gotta love anything free. Looks like I’ll be the first Canadain.

Hi Rodney:

Let me know when you e-mail me if you want to be listed under CANADA or CANADA and your Province?

I am glad to help InterNACHI members. Every little bit helps!


This offer is still availavble for those who actively ue Thermal Imaging as part of their inspection- send us the e-mail as requested.

All the best.

Bill sent my info over a week ago still do not see my name listed. Just wonder if you got my e-mail.