IR under $900 with no training needed.

Electrical: Inspect wiring and overloaded circuits, electrical panels, breakers and switchgears. Detect heating of fuses, insulators, connectors, switches and splices.
HVAC/R: Check temperature in ducts, furnace exteriors, steam traps and heat exchanges. Take suction line temps for super heat. Check refrigeration equipment, freezers and AC condenser temps for blockages.
Industrial/Mechanical Maintenance: Inspect rotating motors and other machinery. Test pumps, bearings, windings, belts and drive shafts.
Preventative maintenance
Automotive: Troubleshoot engines, brakes and heating/cooling systems. Check wiring, bearings, exhaust system, hydraulics, compressor and seals.
General Building Maintenance: Inspect HVAC maintenance, refrigeration equipment, AC condensers, ducts, furnace exteriors, steam traps, heat exchangers, motors, pumps and belts.
Home Inspection: Inspect heat ducts, circuit breaker boxes, heat exchangers, furnace exteriors and AC units. Check for water leaks around tubs and shower pans.

I want one

Its still just a thermometer…just a more expensive one.

Go for it!!! Don’t forget to take Johnnies class and get certified.

Flir says no classes needed though anybody that spent tens of thousands may talk us out of it for good reason.
Heck may not even be good for horse feet.

If it doesn’t need to list resolution or sensitivity… it’s just that good.

To confirm moisture anomalies, don’t forget the $50 moisture meters at the Big Box stores, they are that good as well.

Nothing wrong with the 50 dollar Home Depot model but if spending more gives perceived value then spend away.
The one referred to is used by quite a few guys here. Top Notch and well known men to boot so bad analogy.

Are you referring to this gem Bob? :mrgreen:

The one I was referring to was $50 and started with the letter R and was kinda greenish.

I purchased one, as I damaged a surverymaster and did not have a backup. In my feeble opinion, it wasn’t a tool I felt comfortable making a determination with. I now have a back-up, and won’t be put in that position again.

If Bob or one of the other well known men he spoke of, uses this tool and would like this tool, as their backup, PM or email me your shipping address and it will be my gift to you. It may be a fine tool, but it’s not for me and collects dust.

Also, FLIR said no schooling required? is their school… or a close relative, would seem strange.

Exactly. And it should be used just like one. The visual display is just an added bonus like a laser. It’s way overpriced though. For nearly that much you could own the Flir i3.

Love how mentioning a way for the masses to get involved in IR gets certain inspectors all freaked out.:slight_smile:
Instead of looking for B.S chest pounding remarks that subliminally are supposed to make potential clients floating into the public section of the board think you are somehow better by insulting others how about adding value to the conversation ,and you can start by actually making use of your mouse and clicking on the video attachment I provided which links directly to the FLIR site where the manufacturer rather that a pouting Inspector makes the claim of no special training needed to use this tool.
My post directly pastes the uses for this tool from from the “Professional Equipment” site.
If you dispute these facts please take them up with those companies rather than through condescending remarks aimed at me or any other Inspectors here.

The moisture meter you seem to have a lack of recall for is made by Ryobi and recommended to me by the President of my local who has been in this business for 20 years.
I use that pinless for initial results and confirm with a fine pinned model.

It is possibly the most popular meter used by inspectors as I see it in many pictures on posts.
The protimeter survey master may have it beat making them #1 and #2 from what I can tell.

But go ahead and tell us all how everything is better as long as you personally approve it or own it .

My theory is if my other tools cost more than what you have they will be called out as not needed.

Not freaking me out…

Also, if you are happy with the moisture meter, take me up on my offer. Why not?

Sure I could trade you one of my cameras that in my opinion suck but you might like.
Seriously though you could add value here by explaining why you look down on a very usable moisture meter .
I mean unless you moonlight as a fractal mathematics professor knowing something is 31.7% moisture content instead of 32% is not going to effect any outcome in your Home Inspection report.

Having used a couple different types, I didn’t think it was accurate. Scanning around a toilet base left black marks and the readings didn’t seem right, right from the get go then and now… I posted some pics from my phone as a comparison.

I measured the same spot on the wall, within a half inch or so. I don’t think the results from the Ryobi one make much sense, IMO. I also think the distance between those pads leave too large an area needing measurement.

You obviously were getting a metal reading at that location.(nails,stud locations,lathing)
Learn to use it properly and you can move it around to see the whole picture.

A pin-less acts as a metal detector as well as a moisture meter.

None of those models showed the same reading which is why when doing this test I use comparison samples rather than worry about exact numbers.

Thanks allot Bob, might be a great addition for home inspections to add a level of added service and information “bling” to my reports. Good way to start using imaging (understanding that this is basic). Thanks for sharing this info, just went on my short list .:slight_smile:

You seem to have changed the setting on the ryobi one from one photo to the next, i’m thinking it would alter the reading a bit, no?


Nope, drywall, wood framed, in middle of bay. And yes… the survey master were 5 & 7%… not exactly the same, but aslo note… the Surveymaster was in pin mode and the M0297 was in scan/surface mode. On the other hand the Ryobi was 100% on Wall and 15% on one of the wood settings. Iffy

Changed the “Mode” on the Ryobi… Has Wall/Masonry/Soft and Hardwood, used 2… didn’t move the ryobi one iota when when was changed.

A lot of choices out there… as far as a Temp gun. This one works fine for $100 +/-… $900 is too pricey