Iredell County Code - NC

Can somebody versed in the NC or Iredell County code for HVAC help me out? I was told the by a local HVAC company in Mooresville, NC that
“they will need a 10kw heat kit (instead of 5kw) and you will have to have a Honeywell Pro 7000 programmable thermostat to pass code instead of the Honeywell 5000 non-programmable.”
BTW - this is for a 2 ton 14 SEER Lennox Heat Pump

I can buy into the better heat kit but I am not sure why it matters about the thermostat. Can somebody please either post the code that the HVAC company is referring to or prove they are incorrect?

Needless to say I am not from your area but common sense tells me the contractor is selling higher priced parts. The question your asking is like asking your brother-in-law, he does not know either. You need to contact your AHJ for local codes

I didn’t look it up, but maybe the Honeywell 5000 doesn’t have a Emergency Heat setting?


Then that would be a MFG requirement not a code requirement

Perhaps, but I just found a reference in their code (NC N1103) stating the t-stat needs to programmable, and some additional requirements if the forced air system has heat strips.

Seems the HVAC tech may have been correct.

Can’t post the PDF, so here is the page from the 2012 North Carolina Residential Code.



That is a new one on me glad you looked it up I don’t have the time:D